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Enhancing Risk Management Services for the Solar Industry

December 13, 2012; Featured in Thoughts on Solar











Since we launched Assurant Solar Project Insurance our goal has been to help solar project developers complete more projects by securing project financing more easily. Assurant Solar Project Insurance helps satisfy lender and investor requirements. One of the challenges, however, has been making sure solar installations continue to generate the energy yields that investors anticipate during the course of a project’s lifespan. Sound and ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) services are critical to those efforts.

Because of the importance energy yield guarantees have on a project, we are excited  to announce that we are working with Solarrus and its subsidiary, True South Renewables (TSR) . Through this effort, Assurant and Solarrus plan to enhance the risk management solutions offered to commercial-scale solar projects and provide them greater access to robust O&M services.

TSR , a full-service solar operations and maintenance company, provides a wide-array of O&M services including preventative, corrective and condition-based maintenance.  These services are essential in maximizing the energy output from solar arrays to ensure consistent and ongoing project revenue generation.

Our initial plans are to:

  • Leverage TSR’s O&M expertise, to provide field service support for the warranty management component of its Assurant Solar Project Insurance.


  • Build an asset management program, allowing solar project owners to contract for technical, financial and operations management to optimize system performance and protect their investment.

During the next three weeks, we will be sharing more of our thoughts on O&M in the solar industry. In the meantime, we invite you to tell us how you are working to reduce risk on your solar project. How do you currently handle operations and maintenance?


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