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August 20, 2012; Featured in Thoughts on Solar


By: Jeanne Schwartz and David Schroeder

Assurant Lunch for Commercial Solar Developers to Launch Solar Project Insurance at GreenTech Media Event in May 2012 We are excited to join the online discussion and share our ideas with you about solar energy. We hope to stimulate thoughtful discussion on important industry topics and have some fun while we’re doing it. We’ll discuss our experiences, insights and opinions on recent news in the renewable energy industry, share how our customers are using risk management strategies to improve operations and reduce hazards, and announce new solar PV developments. Just as members of the Assurant Solar team share thoughts about the challenges and opportunities, we hope to hear your ideas about this dynamic industry.

Solar energy is at a critical phase in its evolution, and we’re excited to be a part of the changes taking place. The industry’s history of innovation, dedication to progress and adaptability is one we can readily understand.

We trace our Assurant roots back 120 years.  Our company pioneered disability insurance on the plains of Wisconsin. We’ve changed quite a bit since those first days as we grew to a leading specialty insurance provider with a penchant for considering, “What if?”

Why Solar Project Insurance?

We started to seriously think “What if” about the renewable energy industry and its insurance needs in late 2010.  The conversation started around a story about Bloom Boxes, and the possibilities seemed endless. We learned a lot, focused on our expertise and set a path to provide an unmatched offering in the industry.  In May 2012, we launched Assurant’s solar insurance and warranty management product to respond to the growing needs of the marketplace. It was great to be part of the launch and thrilling to hear from people in the industry about how it can help them. You can learn more about our current solar insurance offering in our presentation below.

Assurant: A New Approach to Commercial Solar Protection from Assurant, Inc.

We created Assurant Solar Project Insurance with you in mind and with the help of many of you and your peers. Developers, investors and other market participants were vital in shaping our strategy. We aren’t finished listening either. We’ll continue to provide additional insurance offerings as we hear from you about what you need to protect your projects and help the industry grow.

Your Opportunity to Participate

This is a platform for you to provide us with feedback and further contribute to the evolution of solar project insurance and the industry. We encourage you to submit your comments and ideas, check in frequently for our latest thoughts and come back for our semi-monthly “What if” Wednesday discussions on specific risks to be aware of on your solar projects.

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