Comprehensive Insurance

*Project Warranty Management is provided through an extended service contract and is not insurance

Solar Insurance Bundle

Assurant’s comprehensive solar insurance bundle allows commercial solar developers to easily qualify, launch, and protect more projects. Developed with input from lenders, developers, brokers, solar service providers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), our program satisfies key lender and investor requirements, providing increased confidence that the assets and cash flows of the project are protected.

Our unique solar insurance bundle includes liability, property, and single-source project warranty management across every phase of commercial solar projects. (Liability and warranty coverage require the purchase of property insurance)

Liability Insurance

Our general liability offering provides complete coverage throughout the entire life cycle of your project,
and includes optional add-ons required by some lending institutions.

Property Insurance

Our property coverage protects you from damage or loss resulting from natural perils or electrical/mechanical breakdown. Optional business interruption coverage even reimburses you for income from lost energy production and from sales of SRECs (solar renewable energy credits) lost as a result of a covered peril.

Project Warranty Management

The days of having to manage the individual components of your system are over. Under our extended service contract, Assurant provides one-call relief for warranty issues, authorizing and paying for repair or replacement. We stand behind the components in your system in the event the OEMs cannot.  Our unique project warranty management solution ensures seamless protection of PV panels, inverters, and mounting hardware and offers automatic renewal as long as you maintain property coverage with Assurant.